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  Daniel Kapla 9d0f551dc3 final CRAN re-submition (1.0 -> 1.1) changes in DESCRIPTION 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla f641f2132c fix: CRAN submission revision (of 1.0 to 1.1) 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla ac34244094 add: reference paper 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla a419a8cdc7 CRAN submittion 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla c554ae6e9c renamed package (naming conflict with bioconductor) 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla 1454833f7d add: setup LaTeX for JSS 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla 2344120dd9 update: documentation 7 months ago
  Daniel Kapla 8e95902e79 fix: some smaller stuff 8 months ago
  Daniel Kapla 25b20984d5 fix: predict_dim_cv always failes with dim. missmatch, 8 months ago
  Daniel Kapla e93bfdda05 fix: cve model.matrix bug 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla ad7ae9eeec add: readme - install from source from within R 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 05c2aea44a add: multivariate Y (aka projective resampling) 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 025b9eb2af add: multivariate response to tensorflow wip. 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 4a950d6df2 add: wip tensorflow implementation 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 70ceccb599 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.art-ist.cc/daniel/CVE 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 54b7c9de2d add: Added ensamble CVE (ECVE) capability. 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 4696620363 fix: some smaller change in the docs 1 year ago
  Michael Vesely 1ac3b4c9e6 Fix urls to release files after server upgrade 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 377b3503ab - fix: README Linux <-> windows link switched 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 02ca1868ac - add: CVE_0.2 README release links 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 423ac41d2e - wip: reviewing and fixing doc. 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 5d3a0ca18d - wip: reviewing and fixing doc. 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla b71898a5bc update: CVE paper, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 8761407cad fix: cayleyTransform memory addressing problem due to int/double pointer cast. 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla e2034c9ff6 rm: notes 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla c437c60e84 - add: simulations, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla d5cd6075a9 cleanup: removed old and legacy code 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 9edefe994d - update: doc, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 300fc11f3f fix: momentum bug, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 4b68c245a6 rewrote (C): to use new Gradient formula, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 5638821b85 sync: man 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 6fbffe6d74 change: logger parameters, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 875982a010 fix: R CMD check errors and warnings, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 063c4d638b add: directions, predict, 1 year ago
  Daniel Kapla 0670bb976e add: explicit unseting openMP lingage for compiling. 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 10ae55bd81 fix: typos (in Doc comments) 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 92b1a49d2b fix: Removed openMP compiler flags (clang support, macOS) 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla dea610bcb9 wip: benchmarking, 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 50302ce18a cleanup 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 8db5266f8e add: cve_simple pure C implementation. 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 099079330a fix: benchmark, removed wip 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 0b2b1b76e6 Improved runtime of pure R grad. 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 998f8d3568 cleanup 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 6f46cb2eaf wip: cleanup 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 03153ef05e del: old CVE implementation 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 9e46a2d3d7 add: C implementation, 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 4d2651fe8a wip: writing C gradient version 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 47917fe0bd add: to notes, 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 7d4d01a9a7 add: cve_linesearch, 2 years ago
  Daniel Kapla 1c120ec67c fix: cve_simple runs correct, 2 years ago