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R Package implementing the CVE (Conditional Variance Estimation) Method for SDR (Sufficient Dimension Reduction).
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Installation Instructions

The package depends on the mda package (see: mda @ cran.r-project. Therefore the first step is to install the mda package


A release will be available in a few days.

Open R and then the following:

# addapt to download file.
install.packages("path/to/cve_0.2.<end>", repos = NULL)
library(CVarE) # Test installation.

Please consult the man-pages ?install.package and ?library for further information.

Installing Source

Cloning the CVarE repository and using R's build and install routines from a terminal.

git clone https://git.art-ist.cc/daniel/CVE.git  # Clone repository
cd CVarE                                         # Go into the repository
R CMD build CVarE                                # Build package tarbal
R CMD INSTALL CVarE_1.0.tar.gz                   # Install package

Alternative Installing Source from within R

Using the devtools the package can also be directly installed from within R

library(devtools)                                       # Load the dectools
setwd('<path_to_repo>/CVarE')                           # Go into package root
(path <- build(vignettes = FALSE))                      # Create source package
install.packages(path, repos = NULL, type = "source")   # Install source package
library(CVarE)                                          # Test

Windows / macOS

Installing from source (for any package which contains compiled code, in our case C) on Windows and MacOS requires additional tools. See R Installation and Administration from r-project manuals.

Repository Structure

The repository is structured in two directories, the CVarE/ directory which is the R package root and simulations/ where all simulation scripts can be found (and README.md which is this).